The Åland red granite is very popular and is mainly used for road surfaces and house foundations.

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Different kinds of gravel

We manufacture, sell and deliver various types of crushed gravel, fillers and sand. If possible, we also manufacture other varieties according to your wishes.

You can also collect gravel or sand from us if you have access to a trailer or something similar.

We also sell fine sand in small quantities, which is used for sandboxes and swimming beaches. Other products include: dressing sand, various filling compounds, drainage sand and natural gravel.

0-8 mm

Crushed gravel 0-8 mm, used for tiling, footpaths and driving lanes and also as a surface layer on football pitches and horse tracks.

0-16 mm

Crushed gravel 0-16 mm, used as a wear layer on gravel roads that are in poor condition.

0-32 mm

Crushed gravel 0-32 mm, used as road filling material.

0-70 mm

Crushed gravel 0-70 mm, used as reinforcement layer for roads and parking lots.

16-32 mm

Crushed gravel 16-32 mm, used as filling material for house foundations and as backfill for other drainages.

50-250 mm

Crushed gravel 50-200 mm is used, for example, under piers and bridges.