We manufacture, sell and deliver various types of crushed gravel, fillers and sand. If possible, we also manufacture other varieties according to your wishes.

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Filling masses

We also sell fine sand in small quantities, which is used for sandboxes and swimming beaches. Other products include: top dressing sand, various filling compounds, drainage sand, natural gravel.


Consists of small, crushed rock particles that vary in size from about 2 millimeters to 64 millimeters. It is used in construction to create a stable foundation for roads, as a drainage material and in landscape design to provide stability and drainage to the ground.

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Grains of small minerals or fragments of rock that are usually smaller than gravel but larger than clay particles. Sand is used in building materials such as concrete and mortar, in glass manufacturing and in water purification systems, as well as in landscape design and as a substrate in sandboxes.

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A naturally occurring solid mass consisting of minerals. Stones come in various sizes and shapes and are used in construction, such as building stone or to create walls. They are also used in landscape architecture to create structures and decorative elements as well as for artistic sculptures.

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We sell topsoil for garden cultivation and lawn soil.

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